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Tewkbesbury Park Golf Course is Now Open to members only

Senior Members – for the latest news and updates please login and select the CORONAVIRUS SUB-SECTION.

Hello I’m Steve Bannion and Tewkesbury Park Golf (TP-G) Senior Captain for 2020. I would like to take this opportunity to warmly welcome you to our Website.

The section is an integral part of the Tewkesbury Park – Golf. It supports its own nominated charities and those of the Club Captain. The Seniors’ section is open to any male member of Tewkesbury Park – Golf who is aged 55.  Current membership is well over 100 with the vast majority of these being active golfers. Well over a third of the current membership have joined within the last 4 years so the section has a growing and enthusiastic group of players from all walks of life.
The section has reserved tee times, normally on Mondays and Thursdays from 07:56 to 09:32, (08:28 to 10:04 for December & January). These may be changed if public holidays fall on a Monday or Thursday, or if they are required for Hotel events. These times are generally used for social golf and for the section’s own competitions. In addition to the competition programme, a large number of inter-club matches are played during a season. 


If you have not registered with this website you will only have access to a limited amount of content. The registration procedure is simple, click on the Login/Register menu option at the top of this page then choose the ‘Register‘ option from the drop down menu. Make your own choice of username and password, and enter these in the fields provided along with your email address. No personal information or any other details are required. You will later receive an email confirming that your username and password have been activated and you may now use the ‘Login’ option. If subsequently you forget your Password, use the ‘Lost password‘ option to re-set it. If you forget your Username you will have to go through the registration process again as usernames cannot be recovered.

If you are not a member of the section but are eligible to join just follow the steps above to register and, in addition, download the attached form and email or post it to the Seniors’ Hon. Sec. Seniors Section Application Form (The £3 fee is no longer required) send comments to: mail@tewkesburyseniorsgolf.com if you require any assistance or further information.